Béatrice Bissara wonders here about the paradox of our very identity : an identity consistent or pluralist, underlying many designations, unsettled, an identity seen as a the product of a personal history, partially inherited or gained by transmission... 

Béatrice Bissara has chosen the metamorphosis as a way to illustrate the question of an identity with multiple colours, interwining pieces from the past and hints from the present.

Entre deux Mondes wavers between reality and illusion, visibility and invisibility, memory and oblivion, order and chaos. Time and space are put to the test with her characters, staged in an oneiric, sometimes surrealist spirit.

Using the bas-relief technique, the artist heaps up varied data, tangled and interlocked in a timeless way, that freezes thoughts, emotions or narrations as if they were some snapshots of our brains. Besides, transformation and distortion are at the very core of Béatrice Bissara’s work : shapes and sizes are modified, falsified, impeded. The artist takes us slowly away from a physical reality and leads us to a possible moment of turnaround, between clues and semblances. 

All of this perceptible information contradicts the cut – a sharp gesture which Béatrice Bissara describes as the invisible space of the world or of the self, the « other world », linked to the notion of off-camera. The very transition from a tangible space to a fictional space, from a real space to an illusory space, from a spatio-temporal dimension to another one, from a conversation to the absence, from a « before » to an « after »,  this very transition lets the spectator free to interpret what he sees rationally or not.

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