In her work BIG BANG, Béatrice Bissara focuses on the paradox of our world, in which balance and order are a result of the original disorder. Through transpositions from a macroscopical to a microscopical scale, the cosmos and all the celestial bodies become her raw materials to evoke the paradox of a world evolving in an oscillatory movement, in which chaos, confusion, trouble seem to be the compulsory steps to get stability, permanency, durability. In the first work, some simple shapes are the witnesses of a cyclic world, continually evolving ; circles interlock, overlap and create an illusory space, infinite, without clearly discernible outline.

The reading of the work depends on the point of view, BIG BANG provokes an abstraction and stimulates the spectator's perception. 

In front view, the positioning of the characters is methodical, organised, well thought out, it lets appear an emoticon, an instant message related to a contemporary society, underlain by its immediacy. From the side, on the edge, a compact crowd, shapeless, without a clear direction, imposes itself and calls us out. 

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